On Tap at Legion

Juicy Jay

Juicy Jay (NE-IPA)

6.3% ABV, 68 IBUs

Brewed With: Malt, El Dorado, Mosaic and Cascade hops, yeast, water

Mango. Tropical. Citrus.

Project Pils

Project Pils (Pilsner)

4.8% ABV, 15 IBUs

Brewed With: Pilsner malt, American Saaz hops, yeast, water

Light. Crisp. Refreshing.

Carolina Sparkle Party

Carolina Sparkle Party (Berliner Weisse)

4% ABV, 8 IBUs

Brewed With: Local Riverbend malt, Sterling hops, Lactobacillus, yeast, water

Light. Tart. Effervescent.

Freedom Park Pale Ale

Freedom Park Pale (American Pale Ale)

5.2% ABV, 40 IBUs

Brewed With: Malt, Cascade hops, yeast, water

Citrus. Balanced. Caramel.

Bite Me (Amber Ale)

5.7% ABV, 20 IBUs

Brewed with: Local Riverbend malt, Sterling hops, local apple cider, cinnamon, orange zest, vanilla, yeast, water.

Caramel. Smooth. Warm.

Emiliano’s Andean Bock (Coffee Bock)

5.8% ABV, 20 IBUs

Carolina malt, Sterling hops, Farmers First Emiliano cold brew, coffee, yeast, water.

Toasted Hazelnut. Toffee. Bread Crust.

Becky with an “I” (White IPA)

5% ABV, 19 IBUs

Brewed with: Local Epiphany malt, white wheat, Citra and Idaho Gem hops, yeast, water.

Orange. Apricot. Candied Fruit.

Maple Canyon (Maple Brown Ale)

6.1% ABV, 19 IBUs

Brewed with: Local Epiphany malt, Sterling hops, 10 gallons of maple syrup, yeast, water.

Maple Goodies. Roasty. Malty.

Against the Currant (Winter Saison)

7.1% ABV, 20 IBUs

Brewed with: Malt, Saaz & Sterling hops, 125 pounds of black currants, yeast, water.

Fruity. Currant. Black Pepper.

Path to the Darkside (Oatmeal Stout)

5% ABV, 30 IBUs

Brewed with: Chocolate malt, Sterling hops, Columbus hops, yeast, water.

Chocolate. Oak. Coffee.

The Orange Chick (Hoppy Saison)

5.5% ABV, 20 IBUs

Brewed with: Riverbend malt, Citra hops, yeast, water.

Orange Peel. Vanilla. Nectarine.

Natalie’s Tangerine IPA (West Coast IPA)

6.9% ABV, 75 IBUs

Brewed with: Malt, Citra & Strata hops, Natalie’s tangerine juice, yeast, water.

Refreshing. Tropical. Citrus.

Sour Draft Kids (Kettle Sour)

4.3% ABV, 8 IBUs

Brewed with: Local Riverbend malt, Sterling hops, sweet cherry, passionfruit, yeast, water.

Fruit Punch. Tropical. Thirst Quenching.